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In order to create the Big Picture, one important intermediate step is to connect each object (biomarker, drug candidate, observed anomaly, receptor, protein, gene etc.) to one or more pathways. I will take the list presented by Genervon at (at about 1:00) as the starting point for the data mining project.

The list is:

  1. Insulin receptor binding (for ALS therapeutic effects)
  2. Mitigation of mitochondria dysfunction (against motoneuron death)
  3. PIP3 kinase activation (for neuroprotection)
  4. Bax inhibition (to reduce motoneuron death)
  5. Akt activation (to suppress mutant SOD1 expression)
  6. Hypoxic response normalization (to prevent ALS degeneration)
  7. DNA repair capability increase (to prevent ALS neuron degeneration)
  8. Axonal transport stimulation (to delay ALS onset) lists the following pathway classes of the CNS immune system:

  1. HPA axis
  2. HPG axis
  3. Hypothalamic - Grorowth-hormone axis
  4. HPT axis

and the following neural immune pathways:

  1. Symphatetic nervous system 
  2. Opioids
  3. Parasymphatetic nervous system
  4. Peripheral nervous system
  5. Neuropeptides