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To help me overcome the limitations caused by the loss of the use of hands and arms, I will attempt to manage the data by collecting it under a mindmap structure.

This is the mindmap main page.

The actual mind map can be found here. Clicking on the green boxes takes you on a page where I have collected data on the issue. Red boxes take you to an external website (typically a Wikipedia page) where the topic is explained. Blue boxes are links to relevant discussion threads on the ALSTDI discussion forum. A registration on the ALSTDI site is required in order to read the discussions there.

The document is a living one, as from now on it will be my main tool in organizing my thoughts on this puzzle. All comments and suggestions are welcome and anyone interested in participating e.g. by writing a sub-page on a specific topic is invited to do so. Just email me first so I know to accept your registration request.

The document is created using the Espresso Mind Map tool, freely downloadable for Windows 8 (link). A relatively fresh Espresso version of the document is kept here. There are absolutely no limitations on how you may use the document.